Flexible programs to meet your needs

We work with a wide variety of institutions and education programs, including TRIO, GEAR UP, as well as schools and districts across the U.S.

Our curriculum is flexible and can be delivered in any way that meets your unique needs. Contact us to find out how we can work with your program.


Saturday Academies

Nucleus Robotics brings activity-based, technology-driven robotics courses to your Saturday programs. In general, attendance can be an issue for educational programs scheduled on weekends. Directors can try to create incentive programs to encourage students to come to class, but isn’t that just providing a band-aid to a larger problem, which is a lack of student interest? Introducing the solution, Nucleus Robotics' Saturday Academies. With our interactive and hands-on robotics courses where students get to operate real robots, students can’t wait to come to class!


Summer Courses

We all love having our students for six weeks. Since many students live on campus, attendance is less of an issue for summer courses. But Nucleus prioritizes more than just attendance. We also have the obligation to ensure that every student enjoys his or her experience, as well as learns something valuable. Introducing the perfect fit for your summer coursework: our six-week robotics program is something that students can’t wait to attend, and that will serve them well in their futures. Consistently known as your students’ favorite class, our program is designed to keep your students engaged and learning for the entirety of a six-week summer session or residential program.


After School Enrichment

Sometimes it pays to have some structure in the after-school tutoring program. Yes, having a tutor there to answer general math and science questions is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if there was a specific purpose for the after-school program? Introducing our after-school enrichment Robotics program. This light-weight program allows students the flexibility to come in and work on their robotics skills for ten minutes or ten hours. This services students of all commitment levels, but based on experience, once students get a taste for our robotics program, they’re hooked.